The TOP Smartphone Galaxy S2-Why It Convinced All Along The Line!

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The Galaxy S2 is the smartphone at all at the moment! No other phones raises such a whirl at the moment as the new Top Smartphone from Samsung. The device is already sold out for all dealers and shops. Customers must adapt to longer waiting times.Already the first critical voices are loud and stamp the Galaxy S2 as overvalued from (the Galaxy S2 in the test at 24 mobile). We have taken the Galaxy S2 times closely and noted that it has earned its reputation in any case.

Why the Galaxy S2 has just the right size

With its 124 x 66 x 8.5 mm is the Galaxy S2 in any case a very large Smartphone, what is not so easily in the Pocket. It’s currently with its 8.5 mm the thinnest Smartphone on the market. Also, you can not regarded the size however as a point of criticism as the smartphones in the future all a lot

bigger. The touch screen displays are getting bigger and better (HTC sensation with a 4.3 inch display, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc with a 4.2 inch screen) and therefore also the phones to do so. Even Apple is supposedly at his new iPhone 5 / 4S working on a larger display (4 inches), at the same time, meaning that the Smartphone is also automatically increasing. Is also somehow illogical if the displays would be smaller in this day and age of the mobile Internet. Then would be the surf comfort equal to zero.

A light-weight among the Smartphones

A plus point is clearly the weight. It weighs just 116 g, making it a true lightweight. This is mainly because that Samsung when processing a plastic housing

used, which is very easy. This does not detract however from the chic design. The back is worked up with a textured, matte structure and so very precious. The ribbed structure also ensures that the mobile is even better in hand.

Super-AMOLED-plus introduces itself

The screen Samsung Super-AMOLED plus uses technology. The 4.27 inches screen resolution remains at 800 x 480 pixels, offers yet crystal clear focus, rich colour and excellent contrast. What you want?

A lightning touchscreen

The touch screen stands out due to its ease of use. A light touch is sufficient. Especially the large area ensures special comfort. Scroll, zoom, wipe and format changes are a lightness to the Galaxy S2. Multiple applications can run at the same time without any problems. Therefore, the responsiveness of the touch screen is still not troubled. It runs fixed thanks to the 1.2 GHz clocked dual core processor.

Even more features coming with Android 2.3

On board the Galaxy S2 has the new Android version 2.3 gingerbread. In addition the practical TouchWiz interface. Especially the way icons in a selectable size on seven different home screens for the user is new to lay and to get faster access. It tilts the Smartphone to the rear or front and touches the screen at the same time with the thumb, you can to the example photos in or out to be zoomed. Blurry or delays are here out of place. Researching a bit with the new features and operation options, will have his joy with the device. Everything runs as lubricated, unless you have a kink in the lens. Critical voice find fault with in Android, because things are not as iOS. Is also somehow logical, because Android is now times not iOS. Android fans will have their real joy here on anyone. Apple Fans have to put what everything, what is not Apple and are also not of this top competitor is persuaded. Tough luck! (the Galaxy S2 in the test at 24 mobile)
For even easier operation provide so called hubs, related topic. Reader hub uses an e-book stores and is well equipped with books, journals and magazines. Music hub includes a music shop that offers choice between over 13 million songs. Social hub used the user, as the name suggests, for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and co. offers games hub for the gamers a wide selection of exciting games such as for example the pre-installed GT Racing.

Mobile surfing was never comfortable

Mobile surfing with the Galaxy S2 is an experience in itself. The huge display gives the user a great browsing experience. The Internet pages are as shown on a PC – it doesn’t get any better! The high surf comfort is supported by the fast loading speed. HSPA can be received up to 21 MB per second. This will be topped once. The browser also supports Flash – in contrast to the iPhone. Here, too, the TouchWiz interface is again very useful. Tilting and zooming works flawlessly and fluently.

Camera has 8 Megapixel class images!

The 8 mega pixel camera has all along the line. The images convince with sharpness and excellent color. In darkness or generally difficult lighting conditions, the built-in LED light ensures optimum exposure. Under the camera settings of shutterbug can enjoy completely. Download many different options such as panorama or self timer to the try out a. Videos are recorded with full-HD and can be looked at afterwards via HDMI output on your TV at home. You can search for long output the HDMI for the iPhone 4, which is not available.


Ultimately, it is above all the Apple fans need to give out again loud do their opinion against an Android Smartphone. The current figures (stand: 1 quarter 2011) but something else to say: is Android right more than twice as popular as iOS and is winning so far. The fact is: iOS iOS and Android is Android. That will remain so whatever and both has its advantages and disadvantages. But especially at this top Smartphone, clear the scale bribe. Surf comfort and speed class, user friendly service and top-class amenities are above all the pluses of this device. So who is looking for a new smartphone from the top League, makes a good decision (the Galaxy S2 in the test at 24 mobile with the Samsung Galaxy S2 our opinion).