«There Is a Horse in Redmond That Always Runs “. Tim Cook Believes That Android Isn’t The Only Opponent of IOS


Tonight Tim Cook and the director of Finance of Apple replied to questions from analysts and media about the impressive financial results for the company this quarter. At a time when a journalist asked Cook if he believed that they were in a two-horse race between iOS and Android, and the CEO answered so:

I would not say that it is a two-horse race. There is a horse in Redmond that always fits and always runs. And there are other players that we can not rule out. So we focus on innovation and make the best products.

Cook has excelled in this way the work of Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows 8 (that in the near future it will compete against the iPad). Of course, and although they have arrived late, from Redmond have not stopped pushing (and pay for) to move forward in that race.

Apple’s CEO also liked another analogy posed by the same journalist: the race between Android and iOS is comparable to that of Windows and Mac. Cook answered with data: while Mac has a single-digit market share, iPhone has Android a 47% share and 42% According to Nielsen, or 42% to 41% respectively, according to ComScore. On the other hand, the iPad are far ahead of Android in the market for tablets.

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