Thus a Nexus 6 P to Add a Wireless Charging System Is Modified


When Google introduced the Nexus 6 p a couple of months ago we are left with a slight bittersweet taste: their specifications were excellent but had Wireless charging. Nothing serious but is missed in a device designed to lead the category. With a little patience and tomorrow, a user on Reddit has managed to introduce this feature in your terminal.

A rustid It was not like nor that the 6 p did not come with Wireless charging so she decided to open the terminal and adding a module of wireless charging. It is not the easiest option but the end result is good as it does not compromise the design of the terminal and adds just a cover to make the system work when we put it on a plate.

It is not difficult but it is necessary something of skill

Is not the first time that we see a modification of this kind and although it sounds like a fantastic idea, remember that it is to open the terminal and Add an element that did not come factory. Anyone tried it with the OnePlus One and discovered that when I used the Wireless charging terminal warming much.

He explains rustid, using a metal casing to put Wireless charging module (the only 6 p has a physical connection to receive electricity) the device is not heated (so it says). Pity that it has not given more details about the temperature of the case because it would be interesting to know if it is altered.

If you are curious to know how a wireless charging in a mobile module is mounted, I advise that you take a look at this video. Its author is the same one who uncovered design problems of the 6 p and the soft which was used aluminum. It is worth you to see it since it explains very well how the installation.

Remember that it is a modification of the hardware and that it may not work well or give problems as the previously discussed with the temperature. It is interesting to know that it is possible but keep in mind that you will lose your warranty.