Toshiba 5-in-1 Concept PC: Diverse Notebook-Tablet Combo

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Here as a Tablet and a Smartphone, furthermore a notebook, so that you can also reasonably can work there’s a lot coming together. After all, notebook and Tablet summarizes 2014 Toshiba in its concept PC presented at CES in Las Vegas. What first looks like one of the many convertible PCs, turns out at second glance as a versatile mobile computer.

Three components

Consists of three components: the 5-in-1 concept PC: the screen, a clip-on keyboard and a stand. Unique: Instead of the technology to place, such as motherboard and processor under the display, all the technology in the stand is housed. Following operating modes allow the three components:

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With what components of Toshiba’s 5-in-1 concept PC works, the manufacturer has still not revealed. The Japanese want to first wait for the feedback of the visitors. The Windows 8 operating system used comes, but is clear.

Also Android conceivable

But also a dual operation of Windows 8 and Android is conceivable, according to Toshiba. Depending on whether users can use the 5-in-1 concept PC as a tablet or notebook, the operating system can be automatically or simply push-button switch.

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Toshiba called yet no details to the sales price. Currently, the sales launch of the 5-in-1 concept PC is also unknown. Also the Germany subsidiary of Toshiba could not confirm, that the manufacturer will take the 5-in-1 concept PC in the German trade.