Travel to Georgia: Rugged Mountain Ranges and Blooming Valleys

Georgia Blooming Valleys

Georgia is known for its natural landscapes: The peaks of the 5,000 m high rise as if dusted with powdered sugar, rugged mountain ranges pave their way through the small country and thousands of fragrant flowers give the valleys colorful splashes of color.

Travel information in brief

Travel time

Georgia can generally be divided into three climate zones. On the coast of the Black Sea one finds subtropical to Mediterranean climate, continental climate east of the Surami Mountains and in the mountain regions the alpine climate dominates. The months from mid-May to the end of October are considered the best travel time for hiking and nature trips in Georgia. May / June and September / October are particularly recommended.

Currency / money

The official currency in Georgia is the Georgian Lari, 1 Lari = 100 Tetri. For the best exchange rate, it is advisable to take a basic amount of euros in cash and exchange it on site. Let yourself be given small bills with which you can easily pay in small shops, in the market or in remote regions. You can withdraw money with a credit or debit card in most major cities.


As a tour operator, we are not allowed to give any vaccination recommendations. From personal experience, however, it is advisable to check whether there is sufficient vaccination against diphtheria, polio and tetanus. The hepatitis A vaccination is recommended as an additional vaccination for short-term travel. Please consult your doctor in detail about the necessary vaccinations.

Visa / entry

German citizens need a valid identification document to enter Georgia – passport or identity card. A visa is not required for German citizens. Depending on which city you booked your arrival flight from, it is advisable to have a passport with you, as some airlines do not accept the identity card.

Georgia – rising star in the tourist sky

Georgia is still a newcomer in terms of tourism, but more and more travel journals and publishers are promoting Georgia as a travel destination that you should definitely see. In 2018, the country was ranked 7th among the trend targets of Lonely Planet. And rightly so!

Georgia is a must, especially for nature lovers, because the small country on the Caucasus is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity in Europe thanks to its different climatic zones. Landscapes rich in contrast run through the country as if someone had pulled out a brush and refined the whole thing with splashes of color that couldn’t be more colorful and radiant. Due to the natural protective wall of the Georgian mountains, numerous endemic plant species were able to develop and unique biotopes were created in the smallest of spaces. These serve as the habitat of around 400 bird species in the Caucasus. Rare birds such as the collared francolin, the chukar fowl or the endemic king fowl settle here permanently.

Georgia is a true paradise, especially for hikers. Picturesque mountain landscapes, lush green meadows and pastures, snow-covered glaciers and alpine pastures invite you to explore the country on foot. Again and again you come across ancient cave towns, ancient churches, medieval watchtowers and castles – witnesses of an eventful history. But what would Georgia be without the irrepressible hospitality of the people? Hardly a moment goes by in the country where you don’t feel at home. The traditional folklore is an important part of the Georgian culture, with a lot of music and dance there is a boisterous celebration like hardly any other place.

The true beauty of nature, the silent witnesses of Georgian history, the hospitality of the Georgians and their deeply rooted culture make the country a travel destination not to be missed!

Georgia Blooming Valleys