Tuenti Debuts a Bonus of Extra Data for Prepayment of 300 MB for 3 Euros

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When Mobile Tuenti it premiered their new rates weekly prepayment, as also announced that it was preparing the possibility to add extra data bonds at his rate so that those who need more data in a timely manner, they can keep browsing without having to pay the fee by default of 3.63 cents each mega.

From today, Tuenti launches its BonoPlus for 2.50 euros (3.03 euros with VAT) which Adds 300 MB and it is available for customers with a monthly fee prepaid card, so many bonuses to hire extra as you need before the end of the term of 30 days from the main rate.

You can enable BonoPlus manually through the client (web or app) area provided that at least you’ve consumed 80% of the current bond of data in use and you have to do it as long as you need it because will not be renewed automatically the following month.

An alternative that have seen spreads between the rates for contract, but which is not so common in prepaid already than, for example, operators such as Vodafone yu: or Hits Mobile have preferred to allow renew rate in full at any time (voice and valid data for another 30 days) instead of having to choose to add bonds extra more cheap but limited to the beginning of the following month. Which of the two options you is most interesting?

We leave you with details updated Tuenti mobile rates: