Tuenti Mobile Enters in The War of The Calls with Zero Cents Per Minute But with 1 GB by 8.47 Euros

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Since Mobile Tuenti launched in its final version, it was a long time in beta restricted to a small number of users of the social network, the price of calls had not moved from the 3.63 cents per minute over the usual 0.18 euros of call establishment, except in the rates that include bonds of minutes.

But today is the day chosen by the virtual to finally enter the war of prices for calls and does not modifying their current rates but by launching a new fee contract, which offers the already usual zero cents per minute but raising the price of the bond of 1 GB to 8.47 euros per month.

The new tariff offers domestic calls to zero cents per minute more 0.18 euros of call set-up provided that the call does not exceed 30 minutes, from which it would pay 1.21 cents for every extra minute. That if, in this case the price of the giga rises 1.21 euros compared to the rate which we already knew, and can also hire the extra bonus of 2 GB by 14.52 euros and paying the excess to 3.63 cents for mega.

This rate, which includes the advantages of Zerolimites, alongside the old rate offering calls to 3.63 cents per minute more 0.18 euros for the establishment of call and 1 GB by 7.26 euros per month, by what the new rate is suitable for those who call more than 33 minutes a month, time from which the new rate becomes profitable due to the increased cost of the bonus data.

Now if the compared with the rates of other operators It is difficult to find bonds of 1 GB more economical than the mobile Tuenti in rates with calls to zero cents. Among them we find the rate of mobile Happy, 8.35 euros for the same Jig but with zero calls limited to ten minutes per call.

All prices listed in this article include 21% VAT.