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It is enough to look at Alanya from a bird’s eye view, and from any elevated place, to make sure that this is one of the most delightful resort cities in the world. Alanya is a small picturesque town located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, among orange and lemon gardens.
Alanya is famous for its subtropical climate and beautiful beaches, the majestic mountain fortress of the Seljuk era, the old town with narrow streets and colorful shops, numerous fish restaurants and tea-drinking courtyards along the coast.
Alanya, known in ancient times as Korakesion, is located at the foot of a huge rock 250 m high, only 2 km from the sea. It resembles the landscape of Gibraltar. A picturesque place, a long beautiful sea coast, a pleasant, mild climate, good hotels and bungalows make this town a popular seaside resort. Alanya is the most beautiful area of ​​the Turkish Riviera after Antalya.

Belek is a modern resort town located 25 km from Antalya, between Antalya and Side.
This city is one of the largest tourist projects in the world, aimed at building only prestigious hotels.
Five-star hotels and first-class tourist complexes of original architecture, with excellent swimming pools and large gardens, are built and equipped with the latest technology and in accordance with the new requirements of the time. Belek will delight lovers of wildlife and give you the opportunity to wander along the beaches stretching for many kilometers. We can say that Belek itself consists primarily of a surprisingly wide 20 km. beach covered with coarse and fine sand.
If you are tired of the busy rhythm of business life, the noise and bustle of a big city, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, dissolve in time, then you will not find a better place than Belek.

The majority of tourists who choose holidays in Turkey arrive in Antalya, and here they face a choice – where next? The Antalya coast is more than 200 km, and it is quite difficult to make your choice. However, it is not so difficult, because if you prefer to breathe air saturated with pine aroma and see the majestic mountains descending to the clear sea, then your way to the west of Antalya, to Kemer. An excellent beach, clear sea, an abundance of freshly prepared fish dishes in fishing taverns make holidays in Kemer more and more popular. Almost all the beaches of Kemer have received the “Blue Flag”. Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish, Camyuva, Tekirova – these villages are home to many different hotels from modest family pensions to luxurious five-star clubs.
The sun shines in Kemer three hundred days a year, but thanks to the protection of pine trees and the unique microclimate of the mountains, even the July heat is easily tolerated here. The taverns always have 10-15 fresh fish meze dishes, the best wines from the Dolludzha Valley collections, raki, and the famous oriental hospitality is waiting for you everywhere.
And if you are a yacht lover, you definitely need to relax here – the berth for 180 yachts is equipped with everything you need. And any excursion on a yacht includes fishing on the high seas, lunch, swimming and visiting picturesque beaches.

The name of the city “Side” means “Pomegranate” in Old Turkish. The road to the city winds through the ruins of the Byzantine era. At some point, the entire field of vision fills the Roman theater, which at one time could accommodate 25 thousand spectators, announcing the imminent entry into the city.
Responding to the needs and opportunities of the times, the area has experienced a rapid growth of hotels, campsites and clubs, becoming a modern tourist center with the latest sports facilities, including six special sports clubs, excellent opportunities for surfing, tennis, horse riding and a wide variety of other sports.
Wandering through the narrow streets of the resort town with many bars, restaurants, shops and souvenir shops, you will feel that the discotheques and cafes located among the ancient columns have not detracted from the charm of Side and it remains a living open-air museum unique in all of Turkey.

Turkey Antalya