Types of Travel in Asia

Types of Travel in Asia

Cultural trip to Asia

Are you fascinated by people who can teach you something new? So look forward to traveling in Asia. No matter which country you visit, the cultural impression will be great. Asia is the hub of Buddhism. It shines through among the people and at the many beautiful temples, monasteries and palaces.

Many Asian countries are not as far advanced in development as our European home base is. But it is beautiful to see how they preserve and honor ancient traditions. Nothing is done as we are used to. People greet each other differently, cultivate other values ​​and deal with work that we let machines do.

Trekking trips in Asia

Many people travel to Asia to move – and with good reason. Mount Everest, Manaslu and Annapurna are just some of the popular mountains you can experience on foot with us. Trekking takes place at all levels and we always have a route for you too. We have many beautiful trekking trips throughout Asia.

Take, for example, Druk Path – a classic trek in Bhutan. Here we move around in the sky-high Himalayas. We cross areas of rhododendron forest and scout to the sky for a glimpse of the rainbow-colored bird, the Lophophorus, whose scream is recognizable to anyone.

Mountaineering in Asia

Do you want extra challenge on your Asia trip? Then join us on one of our mountain climbs. We have several routes that most people with a good and well-maintained physique can participate in. For the slightly more seasoned mountaineers, we also have top trips up our sleeve – for example to Himlung Himal at 7,126 masl

Mountaineering in the Asian is a great experience. Nature changes with each and every piece we move up the mountain. For over 30 years we have spearheaded expeditions to the many ridges of the Himalayas. We are therefore experienced in how to ensure a successful summit trip and we look forward to sharing that experience with you.

Train travel in Asia

On our train journeys in Asia, we slow down and roll calmly through the landscape. Simply let your gaze rest out the window and suck for you what you see. Traveling by train is a completely different and much underestimated way to experience a country. Here there is only one thing to concentrate on – enjoying the ride.

For example, you can travel with us on a Transtibetan train adventure. In China, we board the Sky Train, which takes us across the Himalayas and TIbet to the terminus in Nepal. Along the way, we have views of everything from the tranquil mountain landscape with snow-capped peaks to the busy working life around the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

Experiences in Asia

Asia’s nature

The Asian nature is very unique and several areas have earned themselves a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The landscape presents everything from lush rainforest to crisp savannah.

The wide diversity means that you can experience a rich wildlife on your trip to Asia. Here, both the huge komodo dragons and the playful orangutans are at home. Asia has a myriad of beautiful national parks.

Asia’s many temples

On your Asia trip you will experience a wealth of picturesque temples. All of them are the retellers of ancient stories that took place right where you stand. The temples are built as a sacred place where denominations are worshiped.

The temples are often adorned with an overwhelming amount of flashy colors. But the lavish buildings come in many shades Some are built in stone, while others are almost gilded from top to toe.

The Asian food culture

Fresh vegetables, a wealth of spices and rice are often on the ingredient list for the Asian dishes. Are you into wok, rice dishes, noodle soup and the like, then you can happily travel to Asia and bite for the fork.

In Asia, they are especially known for their street kitchens. Skepticism is completely understandable if this is the first time you are trying the food from a fast food restaurant. But one thing is for sure – this will probably not be the last time you try this.

The climate in Asia

When traveling to Asia, one must expect major climate differences, depending on where in Asia one is located. Asia is the world’s largest continent. The long distances make it possible for even the same continent to have 30 degrees in one place, while the temperature gauge turns out to be -30 degrees at the opposite end. In addition, some parts of Asia have months of heavy rainfall. No matter where in Asia you travel to, it is therefore a good idea to check the weather forecasts for that country.

Northern and Central Asia

In the north as well as the central part of Asia they have a mainland climate. Here there are large differences and fluctuations in temperatures during the year. In summer, the weather is hot in these areas, whereas winter draws to extremes with cold and heavy snowfall.

The southwestern and inner parts of Asia

In the southwestern regions as well as areas in the interior of Asia, the weather is generally very dry and hot. These areas have a subtropical climate, either desert or steppe.

Southeast China and southern Japan

According to Countryaah, the climate in southeastern China as well as southern Japan also has a subtropical climate, but it is a subtropical coastal climate. Here the summer is hot, humid and rainy, while the winter is quite mild.

Southern and Southeast Asia

In the southern and southeastern parts of Asia, these areas have a tropical climate. The tropical Asian climate is characterized by monsoon winds as well as a rainy season with large amounts of precipitation at certain times of the year. However, temperatures in Southeast Asia are high year-round. There is therefore a clear separation between rainy season and dry season.

Types of Travel in Asia