Unclouded, Dropbox and Google Drive Bills in The Same Application


On any given day I use three cloud storage accounts: two Google drive (one for work and one for personal reasons) and one for Dropbox. When I’m on the computer can manage well with the extensions for the computer and the application website. However, when I am with the phone is a bit more cumbersome.

To bring these services in one place there is several options and one of the most recent, in fact still in development, it is Unclouded. A file Explorer that will allow us to have all our documents of Google Drive and Dropbox on the same site, you manage and access them.

Your services in the cloud in the same application

Once open Unclouded can configure Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. In principle does not have limitations on how many we can connect and not limited to a service at least. Done, we can access the files, open them and download them as in native applications.

The interesting thing about Unclouded, besides the interface, is the way in which the statement is displayed: the space we have available, what do (by type of document) all that we are dealing with… Small choices not to consult every day but to time occasionally consult how will our account.

Another interesting option is the possibility locate duplicate files and delete the respective copies from the application. In principle does not recognize copies between cloud services if not inside of it, which makes more sense. As you can see in the pictures the menus and navigation are very careful.

The application is still in development and you’ll just have to join the Google Group + and download version beta of Google Play Unclouded for use. If this last link is not you, you can download the apk and install it manually.