Videos Full HD Camera of The IPhone 4S Are Faced with The IPhone 4


Early adopters who are receiving the most anticipated terminal of the month, with permission of the future Google Nexus Prime, the iPhone 4S, they are already beginning to show its benefits on the net.

Specifically, one of its major features is the recording of video in FullHD 1080 p at 30 fps with your new 8 MP camera, capabilities that, thanks also to the use of the Apple A5 dual-core processor, they exceed the 720 p getting iPhone 4 5 MP camera.

An English user has not hesitated to make a direct comparison recording video at both terminals, so we can appreciate the differences that separate both sensors in this aspect.

As you can see, is quite appreciated the inclusion of the new stabilization system video of iPhone 4S, but look at the annoying “Jelly” or effect gelatin is perceived in the fragment recorded with iPhone 4. In addition, the openness of its lens (f/2.4) is quite noticeable in the amount of light that includes the sensor on the piece of video recorded in the shadows between the room and the window.

However, as you can see, having a grand opening play against when recording directly to very intense light sources (Fluorescent ceiling light). Despite this inconvenience, also influences this winning equation of iPhone 4S the higher resolution of the recording, those 1080 p are noticed, and much.

There are also already night videos recorded with the iPhone 4S in the network, fullhd, of course. This comes specifically from Japan:

As you can see in this new case, There is no much difference with respect to the nocturnal iPhone 4 videos, although if that you notice the new stabilization and the FullHD (look at the drops of water from the body of the car).

From now on they will come to light lots of videos that shed us even more the differences between both terminals, but for now, Do you think you change?

UPDATE: Web Digital Camera Beginner compared directly recording in HD video of iPhone 4S with a video Canon EOS 500 d, as you can see in this particular example, the Canon comes out wrong stop:

In the comments on the video itself say that the Canon is clearly underexposed with regard to the objective of the iPhone 4S, which cannot be compared objectively, but it still leaves us as it would be a hand between both devices.

I recommend entering the complete analysis that has dedicated the mentioned web camera iPhone 4S, which examines carefully both videos and photographs taken with the new Apple Smartphone.