Wall Stickers: a Trend that’s Here to Stay

Even though over the centuries the world has really molded decoration as the lifestyle of the people, as well as the size of their homes and their own environments prevalent, we can assume that all the trends of decoration had the same goal: making the home a comfortable and cozy space.

One of the trends that is today’s market domination of wall sticker. Yes, you read right. It’s not just us to like wall stickers. Throughout the world of decorating this remains a material to receive increasingly demand and be pointed to by blogs and decorating magazines as a great option for decorating the House.

One of the crucial steps in the process of House decoration is harmonization. In order to achieve a certain visual identity in our House, it’s almost required to match the furniture that we have with the other decorative elements: frames, lamps and even the color of the walls. This is where the wall sticker custom has entered, proving to be more than a trend and showing available on the market at a very low price and attractive.

Versatility is the main feature of the wall sticker. These stickers can be used as if it were a painting, an ornament or even a tile. Just give wings to your imagination: there are many possibilities, how to assemble a colorful mosaic on your wall or put her with old photographs of you and your friends.

In trying to understand the reasons behind the popularity of wall stickers, we found a number of points that we started to enumerate in the next paragraphs.

What are the advantages of wall sticker?


One of the main reasons why the wall stickers are so popular is because they are easily adaptable to any type of surface. No matter if you want to apply the wood, glass, metal or masonry. The wall stickers will work with any one of these areas and can be easily removable when used certain methods. That is, unlike the wall paintings, the stickers are cheaper, easier to apply and also easy to remove. Can you imagine the time and effort you spend painting your home?

Elegance and comfort

This technique of applying adhesives ensures an elegance and comfort to any room in the House. Among the many wall stickers that we can find on the market, those who rely on floral motifs are the ones who are more successful. According to several designers, the popularity of this floral pattern is not hard to understand: such patterns adjust easily to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.


However, if it’s not a fan of floral patterns, don’t get discouraged because the catalog is vast. After search wall stickers will realize that there are many possibilities:many more than I thought! Geometric forms, animals, children’s themes and even textures, the universe of choices is infinite.


And if still not satisfied, you can go even further. The wall stickers can be customizable, there are also extremely popular. Very simple, you can use the so-called adhesive panels. These panels are made in large sizes and can even be customized with photos or images in high definition. Especially popular for children’s rooms for enhance the visual environment.

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