We Tested The Camera of The Nexus 6 P: The First Nexus Racing You Your The Best


To date, the Chamber of the Nexus had been an irregular appearance. It missed a mobile from this family to lead the photographic section and this year they are running to get it with the Nexus 6 p. This morning we have had chance to try it out and tell you our first impressions on Engadget, but in addition we bring you a first making contact with this device’s camera.

On the sensor, notably its effective resolution of 12.3 megapixel (7.81 mm and 1/2.3 “) with a size in each cell of 1, 55µm. The latter figure is important since other devices it tends to be smaller (1.12, 1.2…). This gives you the advantage of capturing more light and offer better performance is dark scenes between other kinds of situations. Now well do you get make the difference in actual use? Let’s look at some shots.

IMX 377, a sensor that looks much better in the Nexus 6 p to 5 x

Before continuing, I’d like to clarify that the pictures have been taken in JPEG and previously they have been edited in Photoshop to reduce to 1000 wide. It has maintained the highest possible quality and in some cases added some trimming to see some more in depth details. That said, you can find the original untouched to the end of the article.

Bright picture with optimum light conditions. Much detail on each point of the image and just noise can be seen. Great job of software processing not to bind the textures of different objects in the scene. Very well in the high lights and keeping detail in dark areas (right gate). The sky tends to burn a bit on the horizon but nothing serious. Attention to the trim and details of the branches of the tree.

Macro inside photo. The focus is on that kind of sandwich cookies. Details of the rope can be seen perfectly. In fact, the strands that are released from the body are observed without problems. The bokeh created behind the focused area is attractive to be mobile photography but the Fund leave a bit of noise.

Great job of automatic white balance. Scene with plenty of artificial light and lamps of various colors. The key light was something yellow but the camera software to deal with this and shows us all in a very clean white tone. Faces the further leave something plastered and in the dark area of the background is a bit of noise but the result is very good. in the background lights a little artifice can be seen in the Red focus (and on the left, right next to the Group of people) but does not spoil the whole.

Complicated scene. Indoor, low-light, white mass with a very subtle texture. Processing software saves well the scene. In the cuts he does very well his work as you can see. You can give the feeling of the wall to make a wet paper effect but reviewing the general picture we see that it is actually the gotelé of the wall. With the candy cloud shadows suffers a bit but once again, the set is very good.

Macro outdoors with a very good light. You can see the texture of the plastic of the tripod. Good bokeh from behind, this time with less noise and excellent results. In favourable light conditions, the Nexus 6 p proves to be a mobile racing you you you which by my reckoning this year has the best camera: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Macro inside. Despite not having a mode of shot for this kind of photos, the 6 p meets it very well when you are so close to objects. Very fast focus, good blur behind, captures well the different textures…

Back to Interior. In this case it was manually focusing to the camera of the photographer. Doing so on a dark tone, discount light that captures the room to capture some details of the purpose of the photographer (if you look, they are the reflections). The loss of light in the lighter areas solves easy Edition. Also eye to look like the image on TV: sharp, without interference with the frame rate… Red right focus creates a very ugly Flash but maintains the type very well in the reddest areas to your around.

Our last photo is another macro outdoors. The texture of the seat of the mono lines do not tend to bind and can be counted one by one without difficulty. Front and rear approach is fantastic. If you look well are also some specks of dust on top. (The bike wasn’t mine, so then I not call piggy in the comments).

Good choice of sensor and great software

I’ve been wanting to try some aspects more than the camera: night performance, stabilization with moving objects… The sensations that I get are very good. I had already seen some photos made with the terminal and I was surprised by the quality. After having tried the terminal today, I can corroborate that, effectively, a Nexus has an excellent camera, Finally.

In the rest of the sections the feelings have been good also: focus fast, a well designed camera and with all fundamental application by hand. That Yes, Google is still leaving users more expert outside and if we want to do more manual settings it will touch us more fiddling with the display. In our analysis, we will see more details but at the moment we give the go-ahead.