Why OnePlus Removed Definitively Invitations to Buy The 2 OnePlus?


A little while ago Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus, He has announced on the official forum that from today will not be necessary to have an invitation to buy his current ship logo. This barrier only rises for OnePlus 2, her little brother (which we have discussed today in Engadget) still need to pass happy although the week that comes (from five to seven) will open a period to buy it without restrictions.

The announcement opens two very different and possible readings each other. So far the system of invitations had served as barrier to protect against an excess of demand and go so pleasing to all users gradually. He managed to stabilize OnePlus its phone production, or rather this model has not worked so well how expected? Let’s look at the two sides of the same coin.

The positive view: OnePlus is doing things right, at last

OnePlus is a young (December 17 is two years old) and many of the people who has is inexperienced in some tasks. They themselves recognize this to see how users are annoyed with his constant delays and several problems. His short life has been filled with potholes and one of them has been the system of invitations to buy devices.

The excuse of Carl Pei has always been the same: don’t give him (factories that produce the units go) doing mobile and need to remove them slowly so there is not a break from stock. Now, they say, they have already managed to stabilize the process and sell it without any problems.

This makes us think that OnePlus already has enough resources to have a chain that provide units of their products frequently. Good news because It would mean that in the future will not be necessary the invitation and thus it will make the Chinese manufacturer more attractive face potential buyers.

Sales, they say, have not been good and in a year of life have managed to sell 1.5 million units of the OnePlus One. Respectable figure for a company so young but also leaves some doubts. Having sold so affordably priced and with (according to them) so few margins. Has it generated enough return for reinvestment in having a more reliable production chain?

We give you the benefit of the doubt to OnePlus, we assume that they have managed to stabilize the production of your phone in less than five months. Learning that should serve as future models that will be coming to the market year. Will be sold the next ship without invitations company logo? Time will tell what.

Another possible reading in this scenario is that OnePlus has tired of online stores to sell their mobile phones. On more than one occasion have come scandals where the online retail has sold devices with malware introduced subsequently. They have not said anything publicly, but this move could be interpreted as a way of eliminating this type of sale. If you want my mobile, buy it in my shop that you have two year warranty and no one in China.

The negative view: 2 OnePlus has not sold also and should accelerate the machine

In his pique with the OnePlus One day, I think it is a great smartphone, and I repeated with the Two. Actually I didn’t intend to buy it because it did not convince me the idea to go back through the process of the invitations. I finally got one, I had the phone a few days and decided to sell it. I didn’t, did I not fall in love like that it took off in 2014.

Note: does not seem a bad product, but I have to say that it did not meet my expectations: poor in some scenes, mediocre battery camera… The best proof of that is a formidable device are the many reviews that there is on the net but no, after testing it was clear that this mobile was not for me.

The device came with much hype after surprise us all with the OnePlus One. This time has not finished both jig on the market and the feeling that after its release is that the terminal has deflated. At the moment the company has not given sales data but his goal was get to sell between 3.5 and 5 million devices by 2015. We’ll see if they succeed.

In the absence of sales figures, it is difficult to hide this argument. Yes, service type Wallapop or forums of sale between users is very easy to see OnePlus 2 on sale but in reality is not a reliable to find out thermometer if the mobile has had jerk or not in the market. We have to wait to see if we confirm suspicions or not.

This brings us to another question why eliminates invitations OnePlus 2 and no X? Perhaps the first does not generate as much excitement as the second? Have they levelled off a production line and that makes the other terminal is not? Many questions that Carl Pei does not clarify in the communiqué that has posted in the Forum.

I insist that it is still early to draw hasty conclusions because OnePlus is which should respond officially to the skepticism there about his. Actually have they already achieved that stability? Do they need to accelerate sales and eliminate the constraint of invitations to attract potential buyers who were doubting? In a few months we will know.