Wickr: To Encrypt Chats in the Blink of an Eye on Android and iOS

Cell Phones

ON smart phones calls, short messages, and data packets can be already with little effort listen, intercept, read, and store. This applies especially to poorly or not at all protected communication with instant messengers like Whatsapp. Crypto Messenger are significantly safer. Thanks to strong encryption, the probability is higher that secret messages are also secret.

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Security free

Wickr there are for the iPhone and for Android for free download. The free app, which can be easy to operate despite the English language interface, enables the exchange of encrypted text, voice and video messages. In contrast to many other crypto messengers, incurred no extra costs to send messages. As at the most instant messengers, the communication works only if both sides use the crypto app.

To install on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices Wickr

reliably encrypted

Wickr uses end-to-end encryption. This means that a messages on the sender unit reverse – and then again be decrypted on the receiving device. While the safe standard of AES with a 256 bit key strength is used. Although, you can intercept also these data packages. But it is extremely difficult to decrypt. Sent pictures and videos Wickr erases telltale metadata before shipping, save the smartphones in image and video files. Such metadata includes about place and time a photograph.

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Messages with expiration date

Wickr sent messages have an expiry date, that user can set: maximum five days automatically deletes the app news on the device of the recipient. Here comes the safe deletion standard DoD of the US military to use. Multiple overrides messages and deletes them irretrievably.