WIKO Fever, Analysis: Good Finishes and Remarkable Performance


WIKO It is one of the most important second-line brands in Europe. In your box stand out clearly its origin, to the Apple: “Designed by WIKO in France, Assembled in China”. And the truth is that they get very interesting products. It was perhaps the first of the new European manufacturers design their own products, really just a rebranding of already existing Chinese terminals. And they expanded by Spain quickly.

This time we analyze your new top of range, the WIKO Fever, a terminal that we could put in the new media supergama: specifications that border a high range and contained prices. Let’s see what we offer.

WIKO Fever, specifications

Let’s review the specifications of the WIKO Fever before continuing. It is a terminal that highlights the 5.2-inch display, SoC Octacore and its 3 GB of RAM. Details below.

WIKO Fever
Screen 5.2 inch IPS
Resolution 1920 x 1080
424 DPI
Processor Mediatek 6753
Octacore 1.3 GHz 64 bit / Mali T720 MP3
RAM 3 GB LPDDR3 (also available with 2GB) RAM
Memory 16 GB eMMC ROM
Slot microSD up to 64 GB
Version of Android 5.1 Android Lollipop
Custom interface
Camera 13 Mpx back
HDR and manual controls / video 1080p30
Front-5Mpx with front flash
Connectivity 4g / LTE / HSPA + 21 Mbps (3G)
Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n
Bluetooth 4.0LE

USB 2.0

Dimensions 148 x 73.8 x 8.3 mm
Weight 143 g
Battery Li-Ion 2,900 mAh (non-removable)
Other data Gorilla Glass 3
Finished glass 2, 5 d
Dual SIM 4G
Colors Golden color metal frame, top finished leather in black or white
P.,. 5.1 Android Lollipop
Price 249 euros (3 GB RAM)
219 euros (2 GB RAM)

We have a terminal with specifications that are very close to the high end. The 3 GB of RAM make not having performance problems when you open many applications. And it has the Mediatek 6753 Octacore 64-bit processor, that many brands are choosing for their good compromise between performance and price..

In addition the terminal has 4G, it is lightweight and offers us a battery that touches the 3000 mAh. Seeing the table we find nothing to clash of styles, we have a terminal that on paper is very well compensated.

That Yes, there are some things that we miss in current terminals: sensor of fingerprint and NFC. They are two characteristics that are surprised by their absence because there even at medium ranges or input terminals that bring them and this is supposed to be the pointer WIKO terminal.

Elegant finishes? It depends on tastes

On this occasion WIKO has opted for a mixed finish between metal and faux fur. The front is all Crystal (with Gorilla Glass 3 protection) which makes a finish curve (Tech 2, 5 d) in the context. The feeling is that glass does not end abruptly, but that clutches to perfection in the frame with a small curved effect that is noticeable when looking at it.

If you look well to the edge effect 2, is 5 d

Metallic, matte, frame gives a very sober and elegant look to the terminal. Phone flees at any time of sharp edges, everything is rounded. So far everything is clearly premium and the sensations in hand are very good.

The matte metal edge is sober and elegant. The two black strips will help break the visual monotony.

The power button and volume are on the right side of the terminal, which is not the most successful. I think that it is more convenient to separate them to not confuse us among them, but it is a matter of taste. The feel of the buttons is good, with a depth of adequate and comfortable touch.

The headphone jack is in the upper part and the load microUSB in the bottom, lopsided slightly to the left. Personally I think it’s better focused but is not that it is something very important.

The rear is faux fur. These finishes just don’t convince me. That Yes, the finish is very successful, is pretty hard, but is not something that I like for a phone. Which skin like you certainly seem elegant and also helps to not slipping from your hands.

In short, we have a terminal with good finishes, metal, Crystal, faux fur, without abrupt angles and that feels comfortable in your hand.

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Good performance, touching the high range

It is true that the benchmarks are not everything, since many times devices with similar results given face different sensations to the user. But they are a good starting point to see how the terminal behaves when we stress enough.

Benchmarks WIKO Fever
(Mediatek MT6753)
Telephone P8000
(Mediatek MT6753)
Alcatel Idol 3
(Snapdragon 615)
Aquaris E5 4G
(Snapdragon 410)
AnTuTu 5.7.1 64bits 33.910 33.451 29.123 20.534 (32-bit)
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 2.644
Multicore: 1.522
Metal: 1.060
Chrome Browser: 2.152
Multicore: 1.553
Metal: 1.103
Chrome Browser: 2.184
Multicore: 1.274
Metal: 880
Chrome Browser: 1.844
Multicore: 1.064
Metal: 794
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 6.886
Extreme: 4.302
Basic: 7.682
Unlimited: 6.168
Extreme: 4.204
Basic: 7.640
Unlimited: 7.223
Extreme: 5.278
Basic: 8.846
Unlimited: 4.341
Extreme: N.D.
Basic: N.D.
PCMark – Work Performance 3.994 3.683 3.370 2.786
EPIC Citadel High Performance 55.3 fps
Ultra High Quality 27.7 fps
High Performance 55 fps
Ultra High Quality 24.4 fps
High Performance 49.8 fps
Ultra High Quality 29.1 fps
High Performance 56.6 fps
Ultra High Quality 32.1 fps
Geekbench Single Core: 614
Multicore: 2.863
Single Core: N.D.
Multicore: N.D.
Single Core: N.D.
Multicore: N.D.
Single Core: N.D.
Multicore: N.D.

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As we see, the results are similar to terminals in its category and that used the same SoC. We are facing a terminal solvent, which will not be suffered by lags or problems when we use many applications (here the 3 GB of RAM help enough). And the feeling that gives us the terminal is exactly you hope to find, There are no lags, fluid moves, everything is perfect.

When tested it with demanding games like FIFA (which apart from graphics pulls much data) or the Real Racing is supported by the terminal without major problems. It is true that in the case of the FIFA fluidity was a step to be correct, it showed a little bit of lag. In Real Racing, on the other hand, everything was like silk.

(Non-removable) battery terminal close to 3000 mAh. In the test we’ve done has come easily to 4 hours of screen active, which gives for a day of intensive use or almost two days in a more sporadic use.

We have also passed him battery PCMARK tests and exceeded the 7 hours, which is pretty good. We have a terminal that will not be a Devourer of battery much less, reach us surplus day and two days if we tend not to use it much.

This terminal screen stands out enough. Note that the brightness is high (to reach the 450 nits), with natural colors. The definition becomes the 424 DPI, so we will not have problems of definition.

Of course if we like the good screens and not spend much on a good terminal WIKO Fever is a great choice, I do not think that no one leaves disappointed.

Therefore we have a terminal with a very good performance, one step below a high range (the most demanding games may suffer) but for day to day intensive is phenomenal.

WIKO Fever, camera

The camera is where mobile content price suffer more and in this case it is not an exception. Let’s start by talking about the application that comes by default, although it is always possible to use others that are in Google Play.

The application is simple, with the button shoot and record video, a few adjustments in the left side of the screen, and the preview of the last picture we have taken. If we play it will take us to the gallery application. It is interesting that you can shoot the photo with the volume buttons, an option that should bring all terminals.

Between the options buttons we can select the shooting mode, where we can choose between a few: normal, Panorama, night, HR, professional, beauty, sports and PIP. Professional mode promised much but in the end does not allow to adjust the aperture and shutter, only the most common parameters. We have tested with the camera manual application and hardware not allows to adjust these parameters, a penalty.

PIP mode allows you to use both cameras (the front and the back) at the same time to leave our photography in our face. The funny thing is that instead of being a square is the WIKO W. That Yes, you can change by a square, a circle… to a heart. The downside is that photography is something slow in this mode.

Plush lion helps me in the analysis…

HDR mode has not convinced me, fails to improve the picture, the colors are very artificial and overexposed. In addition the slowness of the process is that it is only valid for static images, if there is some movement will not achieve a good screenshot.

Left without HR, HR right

General interior photos enough leave to be desired, with excessive noise due to low light. Here is where distinguished high-end terminals that are not and the price differences.

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Outside the terminal does not behave badly at all but is not the level of high-end mobile phones. You can see as a cloudy day is enough so that photos come out excessively noisy and with little intense colors.

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Software: Android 5.1 and few customizations

Wiki Fever comes with a little custom Android… and luckily because there where they have played the results are not very good: the launcher riding this terminal is horrible.

WIKO has chosen launcher as default one without drawer of applications and little customizable. Intended to, it seems, to mimic an iPhone and I think is not what the faithful users of Android are looking for.

Good thing is that there are hardly any more modifications so just install another laucher (e.g. Nova) to have an Android much more like what we see in other mobiles. As I explained not have encouraged to personalize the settings or the phone dialer: this is pure Android.

WIKO Fever comes with 5.1 Android Lollipop, which is quite close to the latest version. In fact I like that the buttons are software, as indicated by the recommendations of Google. I’m a little tired of seeing how manufacturers are decanted by buttons hardware that do not adapt to the evolution of the operating system and here WIKO has done very well.

Will the Marshmallow version soon? This is hard to know because normally Mediatek takes in support of new updates to its processors. 4.4 to 5.0 jump soon enough and many terminals were left along the way. We hope that you do not pass the same this time and both Mediatek and WIKO put on your part. What if we can assure is that behind WIKO are working in the terminal while we have to analyze it has received two updates (bug fixes).

WIKO Fever, Xataka Android view

WIKO Fever is a very well balanced, with enough solvent specifications at a very attractive price. There are two models, 2 and 3 GB of RAM and the difference of 30 euros is worth.

If you’re looking for an Android phone’s content size, with a design that stands out, and this is important, you like the finishing of leather, the WIKO Fever can be an interesting option.

In favour

  • Offset hardware
  • Screen
  • Quality/price ratio


  • Rear
  • No NFC
  • Default Launcher