Windows Phone 7.5 Makes It Clear That It Has a Lot to Say

Many users, and many others that we are not still, which turn the view towards Windows Phone waiting for the arrival of the next system update. Mango is to pray and to the disappointment of not having been launched on September 1, the rumors of his possible presentation of the next 15 day increase the curiosity of many potential users.

Not in vain, remember that which is currently known as Windows Phone 7.5 will be the version of Microsoft’s mobile platform which in all likelihood will arrive first Nokia terminals following the signing of the collaboration agreement. To open mouth, Windows Phone’s YouTube channel has recently published several tutorials where some of the new features are displayed with that we will surprise those of Redmond and which could not be otherwise, you can see below.

Customizing screen home system, the basic and simple use of the multi-tasking, as well as the search engine and the benefits of the new Internet Explorer 9 they are some of the features that some will enjoy at its terminals soon, along with the introduction of the commands by voice.

Function is that, in my humble opinion, even not sufficiently refined, and must resort to pressing a button for activation, this being the same thing automatic on other platforms. You juzgaréis.