ZTE Eco-Mobius: Eco-Friendly Smartphone tHanks to Modular Design Principle

ZTE already published in October 2013 a notice to its eco-friendly Smartphone and Tablet concept, the eco Mobius. The idea of the company is to develop mobile devices, the components of which can be easily replaced. Users should replace only even parts of their mobile phones or tablets to adapt them to the latest requirements. So, a win for the environment and consumers would be created less technology waste and lower costs. So far it is the eco Mobius but only an idea: examples of the concept exist only as a design study.
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Design study at CES

Now, ZTE for the first time showed the eco Mobius on the CES audience. The display models explain just how the Chinese company envisions the eco-Mobius devices: essential components such as camera, RAM, ROM, GPU, battery, or even the display are replaceable as puzzle pieces. So, it is possible to have different cameras and use always the correct in the appropriate situations. Gaming friends share their RAM module if necessary. A user decides that he needs a larger display, fits the existing technology to the new screen and an additional battery provides the necessary power supply.

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Visionary concept with various difficulties

So as the concept of the eco-Mobius sounds, it is also visionary: the design studies of the equipment in transparent plastic bags look while chic, as demonstrated by the CES-pictures of the verge, they serve but only the view. Compared to the technology Web site, a spokesman for ZTE said that the company still does not develop the telephone. Engineers could be possibly involved with the various difficulties to deal, which would bring such a modular phone with it. It is probably still a long way until the eco-Mobius at the consumer.